We create classical-leaning concerts that are story-driven and accessible to everybody.

Not everybody has Scriabin on repeat or Rite of Spring as a ring tone. But that doesn’t mean that serious music can’t be interesting to everyone. Western culture has centuries of written music, theory and history - a lot of which can help inform a deeper understanding of other genres - like jazz, pop, and prog rock.

We want our audiences to understand music better because they saw a Canvas concert

The more we understand what is happening in music, or are able to look at music in a new way, the more inclined we are to engage in it. The deeper audiences understand music, the better equipped they are to engage with other music experiences.

Our mission

We are committed to introducing a new type of concert that fosters interest in serious music. We fulfill this mission through research, presentation, performance, experiential programming, community-building, and collaboration with non-music professionals. Canvas is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization based in Los Angeles, California

Lynn Hutchinson, Artistic Director


Lynn is a pianist, arranger, writer, speaker and master punster. With a diverse background in classical, pop, rock, gospel and jazz, she made it her mission to bring different aspects of the musical spectrum together to create something new. Lynn has led Canvas passionately since its inception, creating programming that she believes will benefit the musical education of her audience while also providing entertainment and inspiration.

She sees value in music stories coming from many sources - often those that aren’t music - and draws inspiration for Canvas programs from the world around her.

She holds degrees in Piano Performance and Music Theory - but would be the first to tell you her most valuable lessons have come from people, not books.

Ms. Hutchinson hopes Canvas will continue beyond her, inspiring young performers, composers and theorists to continually create new ways to share ideas with non-classical audiences.

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