If you lost memory for everything else, what three songs do you think would stay with you?
What part of the brain processes music information?
How is our knowledge about music and the brain being used to help those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease?

Research is showing that the last part of the brain to be impacted by Alzheimer’s disease is the same part that stores music information.

We asked our audience ahead of time to name three songs that defined their youth. We selected ten from the list and wrote original arrangements to be performed that evening. In partnership with a neuroscientist, Music and Memory and Betty’s Foundation, Canvas presented an evening dedicated to understanding the profound relationship between music, the brain and Alzheimer’s disease. 

This Lab performance is featured in the short film “Alzheimer’s and the Power of Music.”

Canvas had the honor of partnering with Betty’s Foundation to present a Lab concert about the connection between music, memory and Alzheimers.