In music, what is a “motif”?
Do you think the “sigh motif” adds pathos to the story of the main character in the song?
What is a “five-one” chord progression and what is that progression’s role in the operatic section of the song?

Since its release in 1977, the world has been entranced by Freddie Mercury’s operatic fantasy, Bohemian Rhapsody. But beyond the imaginative imagery of the lyrics, why do we get so wrapped up in the story? What is the music’s role in storytelling? Our lighthearted discourse on harmony, melody and form offers thoughts on what our brains process while listening to the pop masterpiece. Complete with live performance and audience participation. 

Canvas JUNE 2010 - Medium.jpg

Canvas first shared Bohemian Rhapsody with its Amsterdam audience. It was such a hit, they brought it back two years later in Los Angeles.