We engage musicians, composers, artists, historians, scientists and craftspeople from all over the world to bring our programs to life.


Our music stories vary widely, so too do our artists.

You never know who’s going to be on stage for a Canvas Lab show. It may be a string quartet, a rock band, a solo bassoonist or a klezmer ensemble. You might see photographers. Or piano technicians. Or scientists. Or historians.

Some other places you might hear our alumni:

  • Los Angeles Opera

  • Amsterdam Klezmer Band

  • Seattle Symphony

  • Amsterdam Conservatory

  • Cirque de Soleil

  • TV / Movie soundtracks

  • New York Metropolitan Opera

  • Television commercials

  • Los Vegas Philharmonic

  • On tour with David Byrne

Canvas is committed to musicians

Lab audiences have had the unique opportunity to hear world-class performances, often due to generously reduced fees offered by artists. We stand behind a professional musician’s right to support their livelihood: our first priority with proceeds is to compensate musicians fairly.

Without them, live music wouldn’t exist.

I performed with Canvas a few years ago, and have been following it from afar ever since. It’s akin to the wonderful experience of going to a Pixar film, stories for children and adults alike with a whole lot of heart. Unlike the movies though, it’s an immersive, interactive and technicolor version of storytelling. Very memorable!
— Eric Jacobs, clarinetist, Seattle symphony

Canvas is a fantastic forum where “Master Class” meets “Salon” with all the glory and diverse splendor of different composers and musical genre history being brought alive again and again through the genius and soul of Lynn Hutchinson. I was so honored to be part of an evening presenting the music of Bernstein and felt that we offered a challenging yet fulfilling musical experience for the audience. It is truly unique for this level of musicianship which Lynn brings out in every artist to be heard in such an intimate setting where the listener feels surrounded by warmth and family.
— Lynelle Jonsson, soprano

I have been extremely honored to have performed in numerous Canvas events over the last decade, and each of them has truly been a life changing, incredible experience. I often describe these events to friends as a sort of “Ted Talks for music,” and I think that comparison is well warranted. Canvas events are so much more than just musical concerts, with topics ranging from the light-hearted to the gut-wrenching. Being able to participate in experiences such as they create is entirely why I chose music as a profession. Here’s to many many more!
— John Torres, singer-songwriter

Being a part of Canvas has been one of the most enriching experiences I’ve had in LA as a musician. The heartfelt original music along with eye-opening programming has really drawn me into the project. As a violinist and musician, these moments are pure joy. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for Canvas.
— Rebecca Chung, violinist